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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. Routledge Chapman & Hall.
Edited by Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi M. Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, Thomas H. Reynolds.

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MOOCs and Open Education is a book which researches subjects relevant to massively open online courses (MOOC) and open education resources (OER). As online education technology becomes more commonplace there is a developing demand to understand how massively open online courses are being conducted. Brand new trends in online education technology are enabling people in nations all around the world to take courses online. How can organizations make sure that educators are properly credentialed to teach classes online? How can educators certify that the education provided by these massively open online courses is satisfactory? These MOOCs are usually free but do not always lead to formal accreditation. This MOOCs book also analyzes the motivational variables involved in self-directed learning experiences. The open educational resources movement was the inspiration for the first MOOCs.

There are a lot of topics that technology-enhanced learning institutions are having to consider today because learning technology is improving so quickly. How can organizations handle issues like poor learner motivation and high learner attrition? What teaching practices and experimental assessment strategies are optimal? What business strategies are being used by institutions like Udacity to conduct these MOOC courses? Public servants and many other participants need to be more aware of these promising new open educational endeavours. Lecturers want to comprehend how massive open online courses can be enhanced. This book about MOOCs provides best practices in online teaching based on decades of research. To satisfy this increasing demand for facts MOOCs and Open Education Around the World provides a critical analysis of these online MOOC courses and other open educational issues. This thrilling new book also considers the opportunities associated with these massive open online courses and open education resources. For more details please visit this Open Education site.

MOOCs and Open Education Around the World

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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World