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MOOCs and Open Education Around the World. 2015 Routledge.
Edited by Curtis J. Bonk, Mimi M. Lee, Thomas C. Reeves, Thomas H. Reynolds.

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MOOCs and Open Education is a book that researches topics related to massive open online courses (MOOCs) and open educational resources (OERs). As blended learning becomes more available there is a demand to better understand how these MOOC courses are being conducted. The latest historical trends in distance learning have enabled students in every nation on earth to take courses online. How can we certify that teachers are properly credentialed and qualified to teach courses online? How can organizations handle issues like poor learner motivation and high attrition? How can stakeholders certify that the education provided by these massively open online courses is acceptable? These massive online courses are mostly free for students but do not consistently lead to formal accreditation.

There are quite a few subjects that elearning institutions are having to attend to now that elearning technology is advancing so fast. What teaching practices and experimental evaluation strategies are in use today? What strategies are being used by institutions like Stanford University to conduct these massively open online courses? Scientists and many other stakeholders need to better understand these open education experiments. Students want to know how these MOOC courses can be made better. To handle this need for details the amazing new book MOOCs and Open Education Around the World offers a critical analysis of these online MOOC courses and other open education subjects. This stimulating new book also analyzes the major historical trends associated with these MOOC classes and open educational resources (OERs). For more details please visit this MOOC book site.

MOOCs and Open Education Around the World

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